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16 Responses to “Ask Mrs Callaghan”

  1. Riley at home says:

    I liked the second one better because of the mice fighting the soldiers and the dancing from the SUGAR PLUM FAIRY


    • mrscallaghan says:

      Do let me know the order you think the other pieces of music should be placed in please.


  2. The second video doesn’t work on my IPad.


    • mrscallaghan says:

      Not to worry, we will look at it in school.


  3. Freya at daddy's house says:

    When are we going to have our brain food and do Rearsby Write?


    • mrscallaghan says:

      Rearsby Write will be on Monday this week.


  4. Marco says:

    I have done my homework


    • mrscallaghan says:

      Good boy. Remind me to give you your moon minute. However, you need to leave this on this week’s homework page, not on ‘Ask Mrs Callaghan’ Try sending it again, this time to the correct place and then you can have the other moon minute.


  5. Harrison says:

    It was a good book


    • mrscallaghan says:

      My word, you were up very late doing your homework. Thanks for getting it done before the deadline though. Please send it once more to the weekly homework post. Remember to click on the banner.


  6. Harry yr3 says:

    I have finished my homework.


    • mrscallaghan says:

      Great Harry. I’m pleased we managed to get your comment on the correct email account too. Thanks for getting Mum to come in and help us sort it out.


  7. Emily says:

    I have finished reading the book called Pushes and Pulls.


    • mrscallaghan says:

      That’s great Emily. I’m delighted to hear from you. I will talk to you in school because you will not be able to find your message on the homework page as you left it in ‘Ask Mrs Callaghan’. Please submit your message again but this time to this week’s weekly homework post.


  8. Daisy says:

    I thought it was actually quite a good book and had some new things I didn’t know.


    • mrscallaghan says:

      That’s great news. Hopefully you’ll be able to use your new knowledge to help you in your work at school. Please submit your comment again but this time in the correct area though.


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