Blogging rules

Welcome to the Class 3 blog.

We hope you will enjoy interacting via this blog but, in order to keep everyone safe, please follow these simple rules.

  • Use your first name only.  Do not add your surname to ANY post.
  • Add only positive comments.
  • Swearing, rude words and text talk are not permitted.
  • Make sure the only personal information you add about yourself is your first name. Keep details such as your surname, address, phone number and other personal details private.  This also applies if you are writing about someone else.
  • Write in full sentences and check your comments before you send them.  Remember that, once published, anything you post on the blog could potentially be seen by anyone in the world.
  • Only submit comments using our class email address.

These rules are REALLY IMPORTANT as they help to keep us safe online!  Any comments which fail to meet these rules will be removed by Mrs Callaghan and so will not be published.

NOTE TO PARENTS: Please be careful not to reveal any information about your own, or any other child, when commenting on this blog.

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