Celebrations: 3 birthdays celebrated on the same day

When it is our birthday, we each receive a birthday card that contains a special message slip from DSCF2475everyone else in the class.  When we get into class on the morning of our birthday, or the first day after it, we find BB (Birthday Bear) sitting in our chair with the birthday card!

In our class three of us share the same birthday.  On that day we found BB sat in the middle of the classroom adorned in cards!DSCF2484



November 18th, 2015

7 Responses to “Celebrations: 3 birthdays celebrated on the same day”

  1. Rio says:

    I think it must be really hard having to share a birthday and Ted.xxxx


  2. Lily says:

    Wow 3 birthdays on the same day! Same class as well. Do you like sharing a birthday?


    • Harry says:

      No I don’t!


    • Issy says:

      No I don’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s terrible, but at least I’m the oldest of the three of us!☺️☺️


    • Cameron says:

      Yes I like having the same birthday as my friends.


  3. Madeline in school says:

    Happy birthday you 3


  4. cameron says:

    I liked celebrating my birthday with two of my friends.

    I think this is a great blog and look forward to seeing new posts.


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