Class activities: Christmas craft day

DSCF2683 This is what was to be found going on in Class 3 on Tuesday – a band of angels was appearing alongside children of all ages, glue, pipe cleaners, doilies and copious amounts of glitter.


We were making Clothes peg angels.  Those of us who had time even managed to fit in making Nordic style decorations for the Christmas tree using paper chain strips.

DSCF2685As well as these decorations there were lots of different activities to take part in and everyone got the opportunity to do 3 different ones. There was sewing, cooking, stained glass window designing, stand up Christmas trees, decorated gift bags and crackers to choose from.  Each group was made up of a mix of children from our 4 classes.  We all had a great time and it was fun to work alongside children from the other classes.  The older children often helping and encouraging the younger ones.





Finished Nordic decorations ready for the tree.




Some of our finished angels with their proud owners.DSCF2692

December 18th, 2015
Class activities

10 Responses to “Class activities: Christmas craft day”

  1. Alex says:

    I enjoyed all the activities that I took part in. I especially enjoyed making the gingerbread biscuits. They tasted scrummy!


    • Finnan in school says:

      Mine were really yummy too but by the time I got home most of them had gone!


  2. Freya in school says:

    Craft day was lots of fun.


  3. Skye in school says:

    Violet, your angel is very pretty.


  4. Jai in school says:

    My favourite activity was sewing a stocking


  5. Violet in school says:

    I loved making my angel.


  6. Joshua in school says:

    It was really fun.


  7. Ellie in school says:

    I really enjoyed this day. It was fantastic.


  8. Harrison in school says:

    I made a angel


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