Class activities: Christmas service

This was the scene to be found in the nave of St Peter’s Church at the DSCF2707

end of each of the Key Stage 2 carol services on Wednesday.

Classes 3 and 4 came together to retell the events of that momentous night in Bethlehem over 2,000 years ago.

They did this through a mixture of choral speaking and song reminding everyone that, amid all the excitement, the presents, the cards, the parties and the delicious food that we all enjoy, the reason for our celebrations is to commemorate the birth of Jesus, Son of God.

It was a lovely service and received many positive comments from our parents, friends and visitors who came to take part in the service with us.


December 18th, 2015
Class activities

5 Responses to “Class activities: Christmas service”

  1. Madeline in school says:

    I had a good time


  2. Issy says:

    I was a bit nervous when we did the service because my mum and dad where staring at me. It was so scary.


  3. Finnan in school says:

    I was a bit nervous at the start but I gained more confidence as it went on.


  4. Harry in school says:

    I really enjoyed the service.


  5. Lottie in school says:

    I enjoyed it. My favourite song was Go tell it on the mountain


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