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IMG_0327Friday 5th February, Class 3 visit the Space Centre in Leicester to learn more about space and to have a sleepover with 4 other schools.  Read on to find out more.

February 11th, 2016
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  1. Amelia in school says:

    When I walked to the space centre I saw lots of colourful glowing lights. The whole building looked blue and pink! After we settled in we went into the planetarium and did a quiz about space. Then we were given a sheet with questions on it and we had to find out the answers. I loved the show about being an astronaut. It looked like we were actually moving! I liked making the rockets. I enjoyed all the activities. Even though we had to sleep on the hard floor I slept the whole way through the night.


    • Mrs Callaghan says:

      Great work Amelia. It’s great to hear how much you enjoyed the activities. Your mum could hardly believe it when I told her you hadn’t woken, even once, in the night. Mind you, you were pretty surprised yourself to find it was morning when I woke you up!


  2. Harry says:

    When I got to the National Space Centre we had to wait ages and I got bored. Eventually we started our activities. They were really fun. I missed my Mum but got busy making rockets. My favourite part of the trip was the planetarium show. I liked it best because it looked like it was moving.


    • Mrs Callaghan says:

      I think Mum would be very proud of how quickly you settled into all the different activities. You even managed to cope with a nose bleed!


  3. Archie in school says:

    On Friday the 5th of February we went to the national space centre to have a space sleepover. I was overjoyed when I heard the news. Firstly we placed our bags in a cart. Then we went to the planeterium to play a quiz with buttons on our armchairs. Finally we got to explore and find out facts abouts space. After that we went with Josh to find out about force. Finally we went to sleep but it was a catastrophe because people from some of the other schools were running around with the their torches on. This made it extremely hard for us to get to sleep.


    • Mrs Callaghan says:

      I know we did a bit of editing in school to get rid of your typos, but the preparation you did at home was superb. You have a very impressive piece of work. You need to work hard to maintain this.


  4. Harrison says:

    On Friday 5th February Class 3 went to the National space centre. I had never been there before. When I arrived to the space centre I couldn’t wait to look around and learn more. Then Mr Bardsley said “lets go into the planetarium, please keep together”. When we got in the planetarium we had a space quiz and had to press a coloured button to pick an answer. After we did the quiz we split up into schools, we paired with another school. The place was amazing, it was so cool. We went to bed at 11.30. There was another school that kept us up all night long. Some of us were so tired in the morning. When I left in the morning I could see the tall rocket through the window of the space centre.


    • Mrs Callaghan says:

      This is a super piece of work Harrison. I’m glad you enjoyed the visit. I hope it will be something you remember for a long time to come. I agree, one of the other schools was extremely noisy – but you did all manage to get some sleep (just nowhere near as much as if you’d stayed at home).


  5. Joseph says:

    When I arrived at the Space Center I felt very excited!!!
    The building was very tall and blue!!

    We did some experiments that were interesting. I really liked the rockets that we made. I found the planetarium interesting too.
    The quiz was great fun!
    My favourite planet was Jupiter because like the sun it is made up of gases. Those gases are Hydrogen and Helium.
    I thoroughly enjoyed camping out at the Space Center with my friends.


    • Mrs Callaghan says:

      Yes, the sleep over did feel a bit like camping! I’m glad we weren’t in tents though, we would have got drenched.


  6. Alex says:

    On Friday the 5th of February I and most of Class 3 went to the National Space Centre. When I got there I had to put my sleeping bag in a trolley and with all my other stuff as well. Then Josh took us to the Planetarium to do a quiz. My favourite bit was when we got to make a rocket but it turned out that mine did not look right, but at least it flew. Overall I really enjoyed it.


    • Mrs Callaghan says:

      You certainly seemed to be having a good time – and that, as it turned out, was only the beginning of a very memorable weekend for you. I’m hoping I can persuade you to write a post for our blog about the other activities that you took part in. Come and have a chat with me about it.


  7. Louise says:

    On Friday class 3 went to the space centre to sleep over with some other schools. First we went to the planetarium for a quiz and then we got put into groups. We were put into the astronaut group with another school. After all that we went to this big room and made paper rockets. We then went to see Josh who works at the space centre. Finally we went to the gallery. We brushed our teeth and went to bed .


    • Mrs Callaghan says:

      Louise, I was amazed to see you really ‘come out of your shell’ during the visit. You were so incredibly enthusiastic about all the activities.


  8. violet says:

    When we arrived at the space centre, I realised I had forgotten my blanket! I was a bit upset. Miss Smith said I could sleep next to her and I felt much better.
    My favourite space activity was making a rocket.I had a bit of help from a grown up.
    When we watched the film it made me feel a little bit sick!
    To make myself feel better, I looked at the floor.
    We went to bed very late and ate sweets.


    • Mrs Callaghan says:

      Violet, I am most impressed with this piece of work.


  9. cameron says:

    I went to the space centre we put our things away and then we did a quiz I was happy because I got six out of eight correct.
    Josh from the space centre showed us how to make rocket fuel!
    Me and my class made our own rockets out of cardboard and we then raced our rockets to the moon (mine went the furthest).
    I missed the other activities because I was sick and had to go home.
    I was really disappointed because I wanted to sleep over and tell my grandad and tell him how good it was.


    • Mrs Callaghan says:

      I bet Grandad loved hearing about the part of the visit that you did experience. Let’s face it, being sick in your sleeping bag might have been memorable but wouldn’t have been very pleasant or exciting!


  10. Luke says:

    After unpacking, Josh asked us some questions about the Solar System.
    He then set us off looking for answers to a space quiz.
    We then went to the planetarium and learnt about the planets in our Solar System and the stars and constellations beyond it.

    Next morning we had a quick breakfast before going to see a film about the effects space has on the human body and other amazing things too.
    Then we got our bags and went home.


    • Mrs Callaghan says:

      I take it from your use of the word ‘amazing’ and from seeing your excitement while you were there that you enjoyed the visit. You have managed to give a good summary of our visit; well done.


  11. Ellie says:

    Our visit to the space centre was terrific.My favourite activities were when we designed little space rockets and made them fly all around the big,busy room. We also did a little quiz in the galleries but mostly everyone just wondered around instead of answering the questions. This was another favourite activity. This trip is one that I will remember thanks to my friends and all the teachers that helped with the trip and one to go on again.


    • Mrs Callaghan says:

      Well thank you Ellie. I will be sure to let the other adults that went with us know how much you enjoyed it. I doubt you will get to repeat this visit while you are at Rearsby, but your family might be prepared to take you so that you have the opportunity to spend some more time investigating. (Do remember when you type that you need to leave a space after using a full stop or comma.)


  12. Aspen says:

    Me and my class went to the national space centre . Firstly we went into the planetarium I sat next to mr Wolfe .Me , Rio and Issy were doing a quiz were you have to look at a screen and the colour that is next to your answer that you want is the colour of the butten that you have to press . But the best part was sleeping with my friends.


    • Mrs Callaghan says:

      I’m pleased you enjoyed the sleepover – although I’m not sure that many of us got a lot of sleep! I agree, the quiz was fun. I’m not sure that everyone would be able to follow your instructions about taking part though. Be careful to read through what you have written and make sure you have been as clear as possible. It’s great to know you can access the blog now.


  13. Joshua says:

    At the Space Centre in Leicester I loved it there, we went in to the dome and we answered questions. Then we had to find the things on the sheet. The next day we made a rocket and we launched it, Mrs Callaghan let us keep it and we watched a film. I liked sleeping there because my friends were there and it was cool.


    • Mrs Callaghan says:

      Joshua I am most impressed by this piece of work. Well done. I’m delighted that you got so much from our visit.


  14. Ianthe says:

    On arrival I felt excited, a bit scared and shy because I had never slept in a strange place. There was a massive Rocket above my head, lots of bright lights and people I didn’t know there.

    We were given a briefing by Josh who described our first activity, it was in the planetarium, we had a quiz about Space. The second activity was making Rockets; I was filmed firing mine. Josh told us about Rockets and launched one into the air. I enjoyed the trip.


    • Mrs Callaghan says:

      You certainly seemed to be having a fantastic time, Ianthe. Well done with this piece of work. You have made a great job of putting it together and clearly made sure you got an adult to help you check your work.


  15. Freya says:

    We arrived at the Space Centre and I was extremely excited to be there with my friends.

    I saw a lot of interesting things on this visit. There was a life sized rocket above my head and a large blue building lighting up the night sky. There were footprints on the floor leading me to the entrance.

    We had a quiz to find out what you know about Space. Josh demonstrated how the rockets are powered. I enjoyed the trip.


    • Mrs Callaghan says:

      Freya, I am delighted by this piece of work. You have obviously thought carefully about what you wanted to say and asked a grown up to help you check your work before submitting it.


  16. Finnan says:

    I arrived at the Space Centre feeling very anxious and excited because I’d never slept at such a gigantic building.

    When I entered the building it was extremely noisy, there were people chatting and running around. Eventually everyone calmed down so we could do several activities including making Rockets, Planetarium show and quizzes.

    After that we tried to get to sleep, but with everyone chatting and going to the toilet it wasn’t easy.


    • Mrs Callaghan says:

      You’re right there Finnan! Well done with your entry. You’ve managed to convey your feelings while at the same time providing the reader with a ‘flavour’ of the activities you experienced.


  17. Issy says:

    The Space Centre was awesome when I got there because the first thing I saw was a replica of a rocket. Next we went to the planetarium to take part in a quiz, I got almost all the questions right. Then we went to our sleeping area and layed out our stuff. To finish off the day we had dinner and made paper rockets. The next day when we woke up we went to the planetarium and after we went home. I loved it!


    • Mrs Callaghan says:

      It certainly was a great visit. When you look back on your time at Rearsby, I hope it will be one of the memories that spring quickly into your mind.


  18. Daisy says:

    When I got to the space centre I
    thought we where walking through water. But it looked like water when it wasn`t. It just looked like it. When we got in I was so bored. But when we did the activities I wasn`t at all. My two favourites were the quizzes I nearly won them all and when we left Earth behind and met the Universe. IT WAS SO AMAZING! I didn`t have the sleepover because of my cheerleading competition so I couldn`t have it. I was so sad that I couldn`t have it.


    • Mrs Callaghan says:

      I’m glad that it was only while we were waiting for everyone to arrive that you found it boring. It was a great shame that you couldn’t sleep over with us but you probably had more sleep than most of your friends – and got to take part in your hobby!
      Remember when you leave a message on the blog to check through what you have written before you send it. Getting someone else to check it for you is a good idea too. That way you can make sure your message is clear and doesn’t contain mistakes. Don’t forget, the message you submit can be read by anyone who knows the blog address!


  19. Rio says:

    The first thing we did was going into the planterium to do a space quiz . It was really fun when Josh made a rocket engine . My faviroute part was going on a trail , when we had to answer questions . After that we had lunch . At night it took me a long time to go to sleep . In the morning we had breakfast . Then we made mini rockets out of paper , salatape , and pens . Then we got ready to go home.


    • Mrs Callaghan says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed the trip and I’m delighted to see that you have been able to submit your comment successfully.
      Remember though that when you leave a message on the blog you need to check through what you have written carefully before you send it. Asking someone else to check it with you is a good idea too. That way you can make sure your message is clear and doesn’t contain any spelling or punctuation mistakes. Don’t forget, the message you submit can be read by anyone who knows the blog address!


  20. Lily says:

    I went to the space centre. From outside it looked massive! It looked like something filled with a lot of water. We put our luggage away then we did a quiz. After the quiz we did more activities. My favourite was when Josh showed us rocket fuel. The last activity was the planetarium. After all the activities most people stayed for the sleepover. But, because I had to go to a cheerleading competition, I couldn’t stay.


    • Mrs Callaghan says:

      Although you were disappointed that you couldn’t sleep over, you did manage to get to the competition and so support your Cheerleading group and help them do well. Staying true to your commitments, rather than just picking what seems like the most exciting option, is a very mature way to behave. (However, it did mean an awful lot of running about for Mum and Dad.) As the Space Centre is so local, you might even get the opportunity to visit it again before too long.


  21. Maya says:

    I went to the space centre I was extremely excited when I was walking in with my dad it looked very cool.When we got in we placed our bags in a plastic box after that we did a quiz we then did more activities the last job to do was go bed but we couldn’t then we woke up then had some breakfast then off we went back home!


    • Mrs Callaghan says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed the trip even though you didn’t get much sleep. What a good job we didn’t have to go to school the next day!
      Before you submit a message on the blog, remember to check through what you have written carefully. It is also a good idea to ask someone else to check it with you. That way you can make sure your message is clear and doesn’t contain any spelling or punctuation mistakes. Don’t forget, the message you submit can be read by anyone who knows the blog address!


  22. Ravi says:

    I went to the Space Centre first we put our suitcases away. The first activity we did was a quiz. My favourite activity was when Josh did an experiment. He chose a boy from Queniborough school to sit on a chair and hold a …LEAF BLOWER! We went to bed at Eleven o’clock. We also made rockets. In the morning we got changed, brushed our teeth and packed. I had breakfast but I didn’t like breakfast. THE SPACE CENTRE WAS AMAZING!


    • Mrs Callaghan says:

      I think all Josh’s experiments were a big hit. I’m delighted that you enjoyed the visit so much. Perhaps you might be able to persuade your parents to take you back for another visit sometime.


  23. Jai says:

    I went to the space centre and we put everything away. Then we did a quiz sometimes I got it right and sometimes wrong it was fun. We had lots more activities and then we had snacks which were nice. After that we had more activities. Later on we went to bed at eleven o clock and I couldn’t go to sleep. When I woke up I got ready then we had breakfast I didn’t like it.


    • Mrs Callaghan says:

      You seemed to be having a great time throughout our visit. I’m sorry the food wasn’t to your liking though. I bet you had a huge lunch when you got home to make up for it!


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