Class activities: War-time artefacts with Class 4


Class 4 invited us to see their exhibition of war-time artefacts.  As some of us had researched information about soldiers in the two great wars when we were in Class 2 we had some background information but it was fascinating to see real artefacts.

Here you can see some of the things on show.

Issy, Amelia and Jai were finding out all about the role Archie’s granddad had during the war.  Lots of us thought Archie lookedDSCF2643

very like the picture of his granddad as a younger man.


We found out all about gas masks – and saw the real thing.


Gracie showed us an old pocket watch that belonged to someone in her family.  The glass over the face of the watch got broken during the fighting.  Her family decided not to get it repaired as it reminds them how lucky her relative was.








December 11th, 2015
Class activities

5 Responses to “Class activities: War-time artefacts with Class 4”

  1. Ravi in school says:

    My brother was shy about asking questions. I liked Gracie’s artefacts the most.


  2. Ellie in school says:

    I enjoyed this afternoon. I definitely learnt something new.


  3. Archie in school says:

    Mrs Callaghan the war museum was AWESOME! Archie looks like his granddad but younger by miles. The sword was so AMAZING! It was an outstanding experience. I liked the dagger and the mask the best.


  4. Jai says:

    I liked the sword best


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