Emma pic: What is being said?

DSCF2546Talk with someone at home about what might be being said in this picture.  Try to think of a short conversation – perhaps 2 or 3 short comments from each of the characters.   You do not need to reply via the blog as we will be doing this in class.  As the speech bubbles are at the same height in the picture you will be free to decide who speaks first.  You can adopt any tone, other than a rude one, for the conversation eg it could be happy, sad, amusing, scary etc

November 25th, 2015
EMMA pictures

5 Responses to “Emma pic: What is being said?”

  1. Madeline in School says:

    I enjoyed doing the emma task


  2. Madeline in school says:

    It was fun doing the Emma task.


  3. Joseph says:

    I had no idea what to write


    • mrscallaghan says:

      That might have been the case at the start Joseph but the piece of work you produced was most impressive.


  4. Joshua in school says:

    It was fun writing what the cat and parrot said to each other.


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