Extra events: Christmas disco

Friday night proved to be a very busy evening for the Home School committee.  Not only did they arrange our disco but there was also a separate one for the children in classes 1 and 2.

IMG_2805IMG_2802Our disco began at 7.15 and proved to be a great success. Almost the whole of  Key Stage 2 was there.   Everyone had made the effort to look their best and there was some very impressive dancing  on display – and barely a wallflower in sight!

After about half an hour of dancing we all stopped for something to drink and a snack before resuming the action until our parents arrived to collect us.

Thank you Home School Committee for once again putting on another great event for us all to enjoy.

December 17th, 2015
Extra events

8 Responses to “Extra events: Christmas disco”

  1. Archie in school says:

    The disco was so cool. Me Alex and Luke had soo much fun skidding on the floor and the conga was so funny. Mrs Callaghans clothes were very nice. Me and Alek were playing hide and seek it was so scary beacause we kept scaring each other.


  2. Finnan in school says:

    The disco was fun but it was a little annoying because the girls were choosing all the songs.


  3. Luke in school says:

    The disco was really cool!!!!!


  4. Daisy in school says:

    I loved the disco. It was the best thing ever. I loved Mrs Callaghan’s clothes. I had a lot of fun.


  5. Cameron in school says:

    I loved the disco


  6. Harrison in school says:

    I loved the disco


  7. Maya in school says:

    Oh I am so embarrassed. At least I had a good time with Madeline!!


  8. Madeline in school says:

    I had a great time at the party with my bff Maya.


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