Homework: Due in on 16th December

Your homework this week is to:

  • leave a comment on our post about the pantomime.  If you did not complete last week’s challenge (to leave a comment on ANY of the posts on our blog), please also leave one on one of the other posts as well as commenting on the panto post.  Remember to leave your comment under the RELEVANT banner.  Obviously, you can leave however many comments you wish
  • keep learning the countries of Europe that you were asked to locate on the world map, be able to name and locate the 7 continents and 5 oceans and, revisit the new list of countries that you were given last week. (China, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Australia, Greenland, India, New Zealand and USA and Brazil.)
  • Keep learning your times tables and the words (and songs) for our church service.
  • Read a little of your book each night.  Your aim is to have finished  and returned your book by next Thursday at the latest.
  • FINALLY, remember your plate of food (and Christmas jumper if you wish) for your party on Monday afternoon.


December 10th, 2015
Weekly homework

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