Homework: Musical instrument creations

Thank you to everyone for your contributions.  As you can see from the pDSCF2579hotos we had a huge variety – and some children had spent a lot of time and care on their creations.  DSCF2574DSCF2575    DSCF2581DSCF2602DSCF2578 DSCF2582 DSCF2601

December 4th, 2015
Weekly homework

9 Responses to “Homework: Musical instrument creations”

  1. Diva in school says:

    Wow Mrs Callaghan, these instrments are amazing!


  2. Jai in school says:

    I made a drum. It was good.


  3. Joshua says:

    Thank you Harrison. Skye’s and Cameron’s were my favourites. I made my instrument with my Dad, it was very easy to make and took three materials to use which were, pipe, glue spray and tape. And two tools to cut the pipe, one was a saw and the other a mitre block.


  4. Skye says:

    Issy it is totally amazing.


  5. Harrison says:

    Great photos of us all with our instruments. I really enjoyed making mine with my dad. We used things out of the recycling bin. My favorite instrument was Josh’s pipes as they were really simple but easy to use.


  6. Luke says:

    Great instruments everyone


  7. Issy says:

    Oh my goodness I’m on the blog! I’m so embarrassed!


    • mrscallaghan says:

      Oh please don’t be. Be proud. That instrument you made is amazing. What a lot of care and effort you put into it. I was very impressed by the challenge you set yourself.


  8. Ellie says:

    Everyone had an Amazing instrument.


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