Homework: Thursday 24th November

  • Continue to learn your times table for next Monday.
  • Each evening read part/all of your reading book (either to yourself or to an adult) and then complete your log YOURSELF. At least once a week remember to ask a grown up to ask you some challenging questions about the part you’ve read and then sign your log. If you have a non-fiction book, you may need to ask your adult some questions too if there are sections that you don’t understand.
  • Complete the BBC Science clip activities by clicking on the link below. Try the activities for ages 6-7 Forces and Movement; 7-8 Magnets and Springs and finally 8-9 Friction.  If you would like to try to improve on the scores you got in the 3 tests we tried on Tuesday once you have completed these activities, feel free to do so. When you have completed the tasks, send me a simple message to tell me how you got on / what you felt about the activities.  (This link,  Science activities will take youdirectly to the BBC science website.
  • Make sure you show your parents our wonderful class hamper that we are raffling and thank them if they let you contribute a gift towards it. You can find it in the ‘Extra events’ section of this blog.
  • Spellings –: see separate sheet. Learn these words for Wednesday.  (Words on last week’s list that have a pink highlighter mark beside them are words you did not spell correctly.)


November 24th, 2016
Weekly homework

34 Responses to “Homework: Thursday 24th November”

  1. Amelia at school says:

    I’ve done my homework,it was interesting


  2. Cameron at school says:

    I’ve finally done my homework. Yay


  3. Emily at school says:

    I have done my homework about the science activity.


  4. Joseph at school says:

    I have done my homework and I got 10/10 . I liked this weeks homework.


  5. Jude at school says:

    I thought it was fun and funny. It was amazing.


  6. Neve at school says:

    I have done my homework I loved it. It was so much fun.


  7. Violet at school says:

    Dear Mrs Callaghan I have done my homework.


  8. Louise at school says:

    I have completed my homework.


  9. Louise says:

    I have completed my homework.


  10. Olivia at home says:

    We finally got the website to work on our mac! Mummy had to take it to work for someone to fix it! I have now done my homework. I really enjoyed the games.


  11. Marco says:

    I have now done the homework


  12. ROSIE says:

    I found out on the magnets and springs bit that it wouldn’t attract to the drinks can or a duck.


  13. ROSIE says:

    I’ve done my homework and I found out on the friction game that on the red light it goes further and on the yellow light it goes less far.


  14. William says:

    Hi I have visited the BBC website and done some of the activities including the magnet ones


  15. Harry y4 at home says:

    i have done my homework on BBC Science Clips.


  16. Harrison says:

    I have done my homework.


  17. Riley says:

    I’ve done my homework.


  18. Joshua at home says:

    I have done my homework. It was really fun. I got 1O/1O.


  19. Marco says:

    Marco was unable to do this as it required Javascript enabled flash.


  20. Elliott at Home says:

    They were fun activities. I enjoyed the quiz as well.


  21. Cameron says:

    I tried to do my homework Mrs Callaghan but it won’t load on the iPad and our laptop is not working at the moment. Sorry Cameron


  22. Isaac says:

    I have finished my homework


  23. Harry yr3 says:

    I enjoyed the science pages. My favourite part was Friction. I have looked at lots of other games on the BBC site.


  24. Ravi at home says:

    I have finished my activities and done all of the quizzes. I was very pleased with my score. I really enjoyed it.


  25. hollie says:

    I have done my home work. Lucy did it with me as well. It was fun.


  26. Daisy at home says:

    I have finally finished my homework and I have done some other bits as well as my homework. It was really fun!


  27. Freya at home says:

    I enjoyed doing my homework.


  28. Ianthe at home says:

    I liked doing the activities.


  29. Yvard At Home says:

    I have done my homework including the word search.


  30. Jai says:

    I tried the ones you gave me. I did the quizzes and I did one extra one called habitats. I tried the activity and the quiz for habitat and I liked both of them. I enjoyed the activities. They were all good.


  31. Benjamin at home says:

    I liked the games because they had different levels.I played every game to do with forces and magnets.


  32. Benjamin at home says:

    I liked the game because it had different levels.I played all of the games to do with magnets and forces and enjoyed all of them.


  33. Lottie at home says:

    I found this quite interesting. I like this because I haven`t had a go myself at school.


  34. Abigail says:

    I have done my homework.


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